Our Vision

We believe that Sustainable Development of Societies, starts with empowering its individuals.  Investing in youth and children is the real game changer and the gateway to positive change. We aim at democratization of education, healthcare, and access to resources and opportunities with no boundaries.

Our Mission

Hope’s mission is to give hope to every individual regardless of his race, color, faith, place or conditions. We thrive to ensure a fair chance of education, access to resources (clean energy and water) and healthcare to unprivileged individuals facing challenging conditions across the globe.  We work on aspects of integrated lean sustainable development of diminished communities to transform those communicates into self-sustainable healthy dynamic environments, providing chances of individual and global development.


Meet the Hopers

We are hopers with no boundaries, who believe in the power of people-to-people collaboration in changing the world to a place with equal opportunities for societies and individuals.


Hope e.V. Board Members

Hope e.V. is a registered non-profit organisation in Munich with the registration number VR 206966.


Hope e.V.

Nußbaumstr 7b,

84030 Ergolding